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We are your local FORTIFIED Roof™ Contractor in Gulfport and Biloxi, Mississippi. For those who may have heard of FORTIFIED Roof™ but do not fully understand what that means for you, then keep reading.

FORTIFIED Roof™ is an "above-code construction standard that improves a building’s resistance to the effects of severe weather." In simpler terms, it is a higher roofing standard than what is actually required. This then begs the question...why would I want that?

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Why Would I Want a FORTIFIED Roof™ Installation?

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To answer this question, we really need to understand why each state and city has minimum building codes in the first place. This seems like a no-brainer, but we get asked this a lot.

In summary, a building code is to protect you and your investment. Without a mandated minimum building code in place, less than reputable contractors would most certainly take shortcuts on your construction projects, leaving you with an increased risk of property damage but also an increased safety threat for you and your family (or anyone in the swelling).

These codes will be slightly different from state to state due to different regional climates and geographical hazards but are generally good quality standards across the United States.

A FORTIFIED Roof™ is well over and above what any of the local codes require. This is to ensure that when your roofing system is installed, that is ready to withstand even the most damaging weather threats that Mother Nature can dish out. Because the FORTIFIED Roof™ standard is so high, home and business owners also see huge savings in their insurance premiums vs those without FORTIFIED Roof™ systems.

In order for your roof to qualify to be a FORTIFIED Roof™, it must naturally be built to the required standards from the FORTIFIED Home™ company.

You can visit them here: to learn more.

But the entire system must be installed by a Certified FORTIFIED Roof™ Installer/Contractor. This takes not only a dedication to craftsmanship but also hours of additional training and testing. Only after a contractor has demonstrated an expert-level knowledge of the standards, the process, and the materials will they be allowed to offer FORTIFIED Roof™ installations and carry the pride of being a Certified FORTIFIED Roof™ Installer.

Here are just a few of the many factors that define the FORTIFIED Roof™ standards.

  • Enhanced Roof Deck Attachment: Using 8D ring-shank nails and reducing the space between them can double the roof's uplift resistance.
  • Sealed Roof Deck: Sealing the seams of the roof deck can reduce water intrusion by up to 95%.
  • Locked Down Roof Edges: Specific materials and installation methods are required to strengthen the roof edge.
  • Impact-resistant Shingles: In hail-prone areas, shingles must withstand hail up to 2 inches in diameter.
  • Wind and Rain-Resistant Attic Vents: Vents must be designed to resist both wind and rain.
  • Impact Protection for Windows & Doors: Openings like doors and windows must be defended against both pressure and impact.
  • Pressure-Rated Garage Doors: Garage doors must withstand high pressures, and in hurricane-prone areas, they must also resist impact from windborne debris.
  • Chimney Bracing: Chimneys must be anchored to prevent tear-offs.
  • Reinforced Soffits: Soffits require extra bracing and fasteners to remain in place.
  • Anchored Attached Structures: Structures like carports or porches must be properly anchored.
  • Gable End Bracing: Gable ends need additional bracing to prevent collapse.
  • Pressure-rated Windows & Doors: Windows and doors must be rated to keep out storm pressure.
  • Stronger Exterior Sheathing: Walls must have thicker, impact-resistant sheathing.
  • Engineered Connections: Roof-to-wall, story-to-story, and wall-to-foundation connections must be engineered to withstand severe storms.

Why a FORTIFIED Roof™ Matters:

Lower insurance premiums
Greater severe weather resistance
The peace of mind that your home/family are protected
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